Mechanical Engineering

Our newly constructed factory workshop with lorry access and a 20t overhead travelling crane is ideal for working on large machines and assemblies. It allows us to disassemble equipment at the customer site and transport it to our workshop, if necessary. After reworking, the equipment is transported back to the customer site, re-assembled and handed over. Our machinery allows us to manufacture replacement parts as quickly as possible, modify assemblies and manufacture new designs


  • General overhaul and upgrades (retrofitting)
  • Rework and redesign of machine assemblies
  • Upgrades to adapt to new production processes
  • Mechanical construction on CAD/CAE systems
  • Manufacture of spare parts, including on our own equipment, based on drawings or samples
  • Procurement of spare parts based on specifications or samples
  • Troubleshooting and repairs of all kinds, including hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  • Manufacture of machines and devices for industrial use
  • Replacement of guideway coverings, including milling of lubrication grooves and application of coverings
  • Modernisation of drive concepts
  • General overhaul of ball roller spindles and buttress thread spindles
  • Replacement of main spindles, incl. test runs on our own test bench
  • All types of scraping, such as patterning of guideways, application of supports, etc.
  • Rework and new production of guideway covers
  • Manufacture of customised machines and plants in the context of capacity outsourcing
  • Customised colour schemes

Electrical Engineering

We work on electrical systems used in machinery and plant engineering. We use conventional controls, PLC systems and CNC systems.


  • Troubleshooting and repairs
  • Electrical design, creation of circuit diagrams on CAD/CAE systems
  • Manufacture of control cabinets based on our own circuit diagrams or on customer specifications
  • Upgrading of controls based on available documentation, or complete redesign of controls
  • Conversions, e.g. from conventional to PLC or CNC
  • Upgrades and design of electric drives
  • Startup of switch plants and machinery
  • Retrofitting of length measuring devices, angle measuring devices, position indicators

Job Order Production

We manufacture metal cutting products, from individual pieces to small batches, on our company-owned machinery. We are able to apply turning, milling, drilling and flat grinding techniques.


  • Manufacture of metal cutting products based on drawings or samples
  • Drawings based on samples created on CAD/CAE systems


Our service staff is active worldwide. That allows us to offer our services directly at the customer's site. Quickly and without complications.


  • Troubleshooting and repairs mechanical/electrical
  • Geometric measurement and adjustment according to DIN / ISO or manufacturer's protocol
  • Laser measurement of the positioning accuracy of CNC linear axles using a Renishaw XL-80 laser interferometer
  • Checking, observation and assessment of CNC machining accuracy using a Renishaw QC20-W ballbar
  • Error compensation based on machine parameters using Siemens and Heidenhain CNC controllers
  • Regular inspection, assessment and, if necessary, restoration of machine tool accuracy
  • Advice on machine condition and recommendations for necessary maintenance and repairs
  • Emergency measures following a machine crash


Since we are active in many areas and are also developing further, we can serve with a variety of different tools and offers. Whether in our house or at the customer’s site, we are flexible and try to make it as pleasant as possible.


Here are some tools we use and what we offer:

  • CNC Drehmaschine Romi 620-2000
  • CNC Bettfräsmaschine Auerbach FBE 2000
  • Laserinterferometer Renishaw XL-80
  • Kreisformmessgerät Renishaw QC20-W
  • Neigungswinkelmessgeräte - Wyler Blue Level und Niveltronic